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Violence Restraining Order We Can Help

At Joss Legal, we assist clients who are applying for or are being served with restraining orders. Our service includes giving clients advice, representing clients in Court, corresponding with the other party and drafting Conduct Agreements, Undertakings and interpreting orders for clients. If you are a person experiencing acts of abuse, or reasonably believe that it may occur, we can assist you with applying for an order. Types of abuse include physical violence, financial, emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse.
Obtaining an order from the court will implement restrictions which can be shaped to suit your situation, for instance it can restrain the other party from contacting you, acting in an intimidating manner, or damaging property. If you have been served with a Restraining Order we can also assist you. We can assist you with all steps including objecting to the Order and representing you in Court. Do not delay contacting us for legal assistance if you are facing such situations, we are here to offer our support.

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Family Violence Restraining Order (FVRO)

If the order is against a family member or a partner, then we can assist you in applying for a
Family Violence Restraining Order, or defending an order.

Misconduct Restraining Order

If the order you seek is to protect yourself against an individual to whom you are not related,
such as a neighbour or colleague, then a Misconduct Restraining Order may be more
appropriate. We can assist you in applying for a Misconduct Restraining Order, or defending
yourself against one if you have been served with one.

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