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Employment Law We Can Help

Here at Joss Legal, we are lawyers who care. We are able to give advice and representation to workers in Western Australia with employment law issues.

Employment law governs the relationship between employees. If you find yourself in a situation where you are in a dispute with your employer, or if you are not sure whether you are an employee or not, we can help!

In Western Australia, employees are either covered by national or state employment laws. We can give you advice if you are either a “national system” or “state system” employee. If you fall within the national system, we can give you advice about the following:

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Dismissal-based claims

Have you recently been dismissed from your employment or forced to resign? If so, we can help. Our solicitors can give you advice about the various dismissal-based claims that you may be eligible to make, including unfair dismissal and general protection claims. You will also leave with an understanding of how to make these claims, what information you need to include in your application, what remedies are available, and the relevant time limits that might apply.


If your employer has told you are being “made redundant”, we can give you advice about whether the redundancy appears legitimate, if your employer has given you the correct redundancy package and whether you would be eligible to make any dismissal-based claims.

Sexual Harassment / Discrimination

If you are the victim of sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace (on the basis of race, religion, culture, parenting responsibilities etc), we can give you advice and referrals to relevant organisations who may be able to assist, along with the timeframes involved to make a claim.


If you believe you have been bullied at work, we can give you advice about whether it amounts to workplace bullying, and what you can do.

Lawyers That Care

We are here to help with your employment law matter.
  • Legal Advice in relation to dismissal-based claims
  • Legal Advice in relation to Redundancy
  • Sexual Harassment / Discrimination
  • Representation in the Court
  • Assistance with minimum wages & conditions
We can also assist you with other employment law issues including:
  • Awards / Industrial Agreements
  • Restraint of Trade Clauses
  • Sham Contracting
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