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It is important to think ahead and seek legal advice about your Will and estate. By failing to lay down a plan outlining your future plans and wishes for your land, property, investments and assets upon your death, your estate will likely be subject to contention and distributed according to the law. Even if you do not have significant assets, it is important to prepare a Will. In your Will you can include details such as who you want to care for your children and any specific gifts you want to give. At Joss Legal, our experienced lawyers are here to provide you assistance in drafting and implementing a comprehensive Will which covers every possibility and reflects your wishes. We are here to make sure your assets and property are properly respected and protected upon your passing, and to minimise the chance of your Will being subject to dispute and litigation which may be costly and stressful to your family and friends. As part of the preparation of a Will we meet with the client to get their instructions and give them advice, we also prepare the Will and facilitate the signing.

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Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a legal document that allows for an individual to enable a trusted person to act on their behalf in relation to their financial situation/circumstance should they no longer have full legal capacity, or also if they have legal capacity but want that person to assist them with their finances. An EPA Document allows you to appoint a trusted individual or agency absolute power to manage your financial and proprietary affairs in circumstances where you are incapable to do so yourself. Having an EPA allows you maintain some level of control over your affairs and ensures the property or finances are managed in a manner aligned with your best interest. If you do not have an EPA in place it can make it very difficult for your loved ones to deal with your finances if you lose legal capacity.

Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG)

An Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG) is a legal document that allows for an individual to appoint someone to make medical, personal and lifestyle decisions when they no longer have capacity to give instructions or communicate their best wishes for themselves. These decisions include however are not limited to; healthcare, living arrangements, care for underage children etc.

An EPG document allows you to appoint one or more people as Enduring Guardians to make any personal, lifestyle and treatment decisions on your behalf, only when and if you are unable to communicate yourself what your wishes are. If you do not have an EPG in place and lose legal capacity it may cause difficulties for your family members who are trying to make decisions on your behalf and can also result in family conflict.

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We are here to help with your employment law matter.
  • Legal Advice in relation to dismissal-based claims
  • Legal Advice in relation to Redundancy
  • Sexual Harassment / Discrimination
  • Representation in the Court
  • Assistance with minimum wages & conditions
We can also assist you with other employment law issues including:
  • Awards / Industrial Agreements
  • Restraint of Trade Clauses
  • Sham Contracting
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